Applied Sustainability for Your Business

So you run a small or medium-sized business. You've been thinking about adopting more sustainable business practices. But much of the information out there is

  • pretty abstract and written for big corporations with enormous resources and manpower
  • not focused on outcome and everyday application in your SME
  • not geared towards growing your competitive advantage by becoming strategically sustainable.

Focused on your needs

That's what we found, too. And that's why this website focuses on your needs as an SME. All the information you'll find here is put together knowing

  • the profitability of your business - and the safety of your co-workers' jobs that comes with it - is just as important to you as running an SME that is socially and environmentally responsible. 
    --> Everything you'll read comes with a section that describes "what's in it for your business".
  • your time and budget for sustainability projects are limited. 
    --> We'll show you which projects will have the biggest impact on your  SME.
  • you (and your co-workers) may not have the skills to go strategically sustainable from the start. 
    --> We let you address one project at a time so you can learn as you go and keep adding projects one by one.
  • you are (or will be) under pressure to show your social and environmental efforts to your stakeholders (clients, customers, the community). 
    --> We're big on communications, so we'll include lots of marketing suggestions along the way.

How to use this website

Start out by getting to know some big picture concepts we think are the base for doing business sustainably: your triple bottom line, some international guidelines and tools to continuously improve business processes.

Define the core of your operations and which projects suit your SME best. Make sure you get your co-workers on board.

Or read about sustainable projects by category: reduce waste, save paper, handle e-waste, lower your water consumption and many more.

And then: go do it!

Here's some good news: making sustainability a key part of your business simply makes sense – economically, socially, and environmentally.
...and personally, too: you will help keep the world a good place to live for future generations. Feels good, right?

And you know what: your company is likely already ticking quite a few of those "green" boxes. This website will help you find them, and build on them!

Get started!

The Triple Bottom Line
What the "triple bottom line" stands for, about its history, and why these three words are a great foundation for a sustainable business.
Reduce Reuse Recycle
We all know the three R's of "reduce reuse recycle" from our private lives. Here's how to transfer that mantra into your everyday business processes.
Saving water only works with motivated co-workers
Why saving water will become more important in the decades to come and how you get your co-workers to change their water consumption habits.

Editor's note: we don't support greenwashing here at!

So please don't ask us to simply help you put a green coat on your grey, inefficient product or service. Instead, make use of the information on this website to take sustainable action – and then let's celebrate your achievements together!